SFEMP3Shield  1.02.15
Arduino Library for VS10xx shield
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SFEMP3Shield::sci_bass_m Union Reference

A handler for accessing nibbles of the SCI_BASS word. More...

Public Attributes

uint16_t word
 whole word value More...
struct {
   uint8_t   Bass_Freqlimt: 4
   uint8_t   Bass_Amplitude: 4
   uint8_t   Treble_Freqlimt: 4
   int8_t   Treble_Amplitude: 4
 individual Nibbles More...

Detailed Description

A handler for accessing nibbles of the SCI_BASS word.

a union of the SCI_BASS value and of its nibbles for Treble/Bass and Freq/Amp.

Definition at line 769 of file SFEMP3Shield.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Bass_Amplitude

uint8_t SFEMP3Shield::sci_bass_m::Bass_Amplitude

Definition at line 785 of file SFEMP3Shield.h.

◆ Bass_Freqlimt

uint8_t SFEMP3Shield::sci_bass_m::Bass_Freqlimt

Definition at line 784 of file SFEMP3Shield.h.

◆ nibble

struct { ... } SFEMP3Shield::sci_bass_m::nibble

individual Nibbles

allows access and handeling of individual nibble values

◆ Treble_Amplitude

int8_t SFEMP3Shield::sci_bass_m::Treble_Amplitude

Definition at line 787 of file SFEMP3Shield.h.

◆ Treble_Freqlimt

uint8_t SFEMP3Shield::sci_bass_m::Treble_Freqlimt

Definition at line 786 of file SFEMP3Shield.h.

◆ word

uint16_t SFEMP3Shield::sci_bass_m::word

whole word value

allows access and handeling of whole uint16_t (aka word) value

Definition at line 776 of file SFEMP3Shield.h.

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